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Nursing Home

Personalized In-Home Care

Our licensed healthcare professionals of Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Practitioners use their experience and knowledge to determine how to tailor your selected service to the specific needs of your loved one. Our professionals planning alongside you and your loved one will ensure that we do all we can to choose the right service the first time.

Choose from our list of services, then give us a call at 404-965-1573 to get started.


Personal Care Services

It can be difficult for your loved ones to no longer have the ability to independently do the everyday activities they are used to. Our compassionate caregivers are understanding as they step in to patiently provide support for their needs.

  • Meal preparation and feeding assistance

  • Safety supervision of the client

  • Assisting with morning and evening routines

  • Bathing (showers, baths, sponge baths, bed baths)

  • Restroom activities (toilet assistance, incontinence, accident monitoring)

  • Personal hygiene/grooming (hair care, skincare, oral care, nail care)

  • Dressing (clothing selection and assistance)

  • Mobility (transfers, walking, range of motion exercises, light exercise)

  • Taking medications

  • Whatever else is necessary according to their Level of Care needs


Companion Services

  • While physical health is always important, we can’t forget the mental health of our loved ones. A great way to ensure they stay physically and mentally healthy is to have a personal companion who will keep them active, alert, and even having fun.

  • Conversation, socialization, and companionship (discuss current/historical events)

  • Entertainment (assistance with reading, games, crafts, puzzles, activities)

  • Watching movies

  • Stimulating mental awareness

  • Organizing and reading mail

  • Meal preparation

  • Preparing shopping lists

  • Buying magazines, newspapers, and books

  • Day or night time care

  • Whatever else is necessary according to their Level of Care needs


Care for Couples

This is a special cost-effective service for couples in need. If both members in a couple need assistance, they shouldn’t be separated in a nursing home, or even at different households. They deserve to do what they normally do...spend their days together.


To help couples enjoy companionship and ignore the physical limitations that may prevent that, Serene Private Care can step up to take care of the hard stuff so they can focus on enjoying each other. They earned it.


  • Medicine reminders

  • Assistance with dressing

  • Grocery and prescription pickup

  • Reading and letter writing

  • Light housekeeping and laundry

  • Meal preparation and cleanup

  • Whatever else is necessary according to their Level of Care needs

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24/7 Services

If your elderly loved one needs around-the-clock care, Serene Private Care has the staff on hand. In this “like-family” service, our highly trained caregivers work in 24-hour shifts ensuring that your loved one has consistent and alert care for all of their needs….no matter what time of day.


  • Companionship

  • Light housekeeping

  • Daily meal preparation

  • Morning and Evening assistance

  • Personal care and hygiene

  • Fall prevention & ambulation assistance

  • Continence assistance

  • Cognition assistance

  • Whatever else is necessary according to their Level of Care needs


Transitional Care

Often in-home care is needed following extended stays in hospitals due to trauma or other situations. The transition back to independence isn’t always immediate and it’s often not easy because they may have become accustomed to being cared for by hospital staff.


To suddenly no longer have that support can be difficult. Serene Private Care has vast experience in being the bridge between the hospital and independent living at home. We assess the needs and devise a customized timeline to ensure they regain their independence when they are truly ready.


  • Bathing assistance

  • Help with ambulation

  • Medicine Reminders

  • Light housekeeping

  • Picking up prescriptions

  • Daily grooming

  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation

  • Whatever else is necessary according to their Level of Care needs

Schedule a Call to Get Started

Contact us to get the process started. We will take the time to learn about you and your family and discuss in-home care options that are right for you.

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Nancy C. has been a tremendous help to my family. Her knowledge and  compassion handling seniors has taught us how to care for my mom at home. She is very attentive to the needs of my mom. She is punctual and

- Leslie A 02/10/2021
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